Bill Granger’s Tofu Scramble With Shredded Cabbage & Chili Sambal


Who doesn’t love eggs? Not only are they packed with protein but they’re also incredibly versatile—you can bake, scramble, fry, and so much more! But sometimes we want a plant-based breakfast, and tofu is a perfect way to nix the eggs but keep the protein. We love tofu at Camille Styles HQ–from adding crispy tofu as a salad topper to scrambling it for breakfast burritos or vegetarian spaghetti bolognese, it’s one of our favorite ways to add texture and nutrients to a plant-based meal. And it seems that one of our favorite Aussie chefs does too.

It goes without saying that Bill Granger loves scrambled eggs—he’s known as the “egg man” after all—but these days he says he seems to be eating scrambled tofu more often. “It can be very basic—just scrambled with a little tamari—or a bit more involved, like this dish,” he writes in his new book, Australian Food. “I spent so many years cooking scrambled eggs at 6 am that I have a recurring nightmare: customers are waiting outside, I’ve overslept, and am now in the kitchen cooking eggs in the nude. I fear this has made me prefer tofu.”

If you’re looking for an egg alternative, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on for Granger’s delicious Tofu Scramble With Shredded Cabbage & Chili Sambal on Sourdough Toast. YUM!

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