This Rum & Coffee Tres Leches Cake Recipe Will Be Your New Favorite


Ever since I can remember, there has always been one dessert I’ve begged my aunt Ani to make: her signature tres leches cake recipe. She is an amazing baker and cake decorator, but her tres leches are hands-down the best. Aside from some additions I’ve made to the soaking liquid, this recipe is all her, and I’m so excited to share it with you. 

I was born in Venezuela and though many people think Tres Leches is from Mexico or Nicaragua, the origins of the tres leches are a Latin American mystery. So for our purposes and my own pride, the tres leches is Venezuelan, okay? Okay!

This is my one piece of advice with the tres leches: it is all about the soaking liquid and more is more! The cake should be drenched in the liquid, so if you find yourself wondering whether it’s enough, make a little more and pour it over. 

This cake is not for kids. My soaking liquid has rum in it (ahem Venezuelan rum) and coffee! Feel free to replace the quantities of these for more milk, but if you can stick to the recipe you’ll be happy you did. Guys, I am a very humble cook I swear.

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